The Truth About Web Hosting Review Sites

O.K., I’m traveling to cull a Kevin Trudeau here…”What the Hosting Analysis sites don’t wish you to know.”

First, if you blazon in “web hosting review” in a Google seek engine you’re traveling to get page afterwards page of websites reviewing web hosts….why?

When you appointment these sites you’re traveling to apprehension that the aforementioned five, ten, fifteen, twenty web hosting companies accumulate advancing up over and over and over again….why?

Is it because these are the best hosts in the apple and they’re so acceptable bags of humans accept to body webpages out of the address of their hearts to acquaint you how acceptable these companies are?…maybe.

Or maybe we all active up for an associate or administrator annual at a actual able-bodied accepted associate business community, one of the world’s better associate networks. And maybe afterwards searching at all the articles to advertise and the commissions they’re alms (5% agency on a $25 handbag….7% on added actual goods) we came beyond the webhosting companies alms anywhere from $80-$100 for anniversary hosting auction fabricated on aggregate hosting plans, $100-$110 on reseller hosting affairs and $150-$200 on anniversary committed server plan we sell.

Well heck, assurance me up for that!

Before you abhorrence us too abominably accumulate in apperception there is a lot of plan to be done on our allotment from web architecture to SEO strategies, from hotlink architecture to commodity marketing. Either a lot of plan has to be done or a lot of money has to be spent afore we alpha seeing sales. Unless you accept a web page already bringing in massive amounts of traffic. So don’t abhorrence us to badly.

Do these web hosting analysis pages absolutely assurance up for these hosts and accurately analysis them? Well, in my best guestimation I would say some do, abounding don’t. My assumption is abounding set up an RSS augment to sites like webhostingtalk or agnate sites that already accept hosting reviews on them. If assertive sites do there own review, I’m abiding they go through there own hotlink to aggregate the agency with hosts that acquiesce you to do that to save on analysis costs.

So yea, it’s about the Benjamin’s. This is a companies way of extenuative on commercial by accepting affiliates bazaar there product. It doesn’t amount annihilation added for the customer, the webhost makes a auction the associate gets the commission, the chump gets the deejay amplitude and bandwidth he/she needs, everybody’s happy.

And if you’re still antisocial affiliates for cloaking our links and authoritative it attending like we’re aggravating to do you some abundant account if all we absolutely wish are commissions, beddy-bye able-bodied tonight alive that a lot of affiliates get “shafted”. If humans attenuate there cookies, or annul accolade on there computer on a approved basis, they’re abatement the tracking cipher acclimated by the associate arrangement to clue sales. Which agency the chump still gets the abundant web hosting deal, the aggregation makes the auction and keeps all the acquirement and the associate is….well….out of luck!